Gum Surgery at Dr. Dilip Dental Centre

Gum surgery is a dental procedure that is used to treat periodontal disease, which is a chronic infection of the gums and supporting tissues. Periodontal disease can cause the gums to recede, leading to tooth loss.

Gum surgery can be used to:

  • Remove infected tissue
  • Rejuvenate the gums
  • Restore the attachment of the gums to the teeth
  • Correct gum deformities

There are two main types of gum surgery:

  • Periodontal pocket surgery: This type of surgery is used to remove infected tissue and calculus (tartar) from the pockets around the teeth. This helps to reduce the depth of the pockets and improve the attachment of the gums to the teeth.
  • Crown lengthening: This type of surgery is used to expose more of the tooth so that a crown can be placed. Crown lengthening is often necessary when the gums have receded and the tooth is no longer long enough to support a crown.

Gum surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. The procedure may take several hours, depending on the extent of the disease.

After gum surgery, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. Your dentist will prescribe pain medication to help you manage the discomfort. You will also need to follow a strict oral hygiene regimen to prevent infection.

Gum surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can help to improve the health of your gums and teeth. If you are experiencing signs of periodontal disease, such as bleeding gums, receding gums, or bad breath, it is important to see a dentist for evaluation.

At Dr. Dilip Dental Centre, we offer gum surgery in a comfortable and state-of-the-art setting. Our team of experienced dentists and staff are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care.

If you are considering gum surgery, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you decide if gum surgery is the right option for you.

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